A New Hope

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I should say from the start that this post is NOT about Star Wars. Sorry.

This is a new blog mini-site for a new direction. After years of working for Apple, I’m back to working on my own — at least for now. Part of that means not really working at all, since I had been doing too much work and not taking enough time for myself and my family. I want to let life find a natural flow again, and let that inform my path. I *am* working on some iphone and ipad apps, albeit slowly… ;-) Sometimes it’s hard to get excited about it, when you’ve seen the ugly underbelly… but Alienoverlord has long been a seed idea, and I’d like to do some interesting things with it.

I am doing other things as well.. lots of reading for one. I joined a dojo and started doing martial arts again, something I’ve always enjoyed but rarely found the time for between commuting and long work schedules. I’m playing more music — for a while I was playing in a celtic pub band, but the other members decided to give it up for now. I’m working on some Bach pieces — on the mandolin. I’m sleeping more, and have fallen into “musician’s hours” again (wake up around noon, or later, sleep around 3AM, or later).

I would like to do more coding. Since I was laid off, I took a bit of a break from it so as to decompress. But I’m thinking I’d like to get involved in an open-source project. I’ve been doing development on the mac for the last 10 years or more, so that’s my main skill area, although I’m open to other platforms. I like Python as well. Anyone has any suggestions or interesting projects (or if you have interesting employment opportunities in the California Central Coast area), let me know. Bye.

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