Monthly Archives: October 2016

We live in an amazing time.. I’m so tired!

There is so much to experience, and the Information Superhighway has brought it all right into our eyeballs.  Why leave your seat?  Why go out?  You can be amazed, touched, thrilled, angered, and so much more.  It’s like TV, but .. more. MORE! I can’t wait for VR food!  It’ll be like that scene in Brazil, but even better, cause it will be virtual!

Yeah I sound old.  I jest, but well I suppose I am, considering I was born BEFORE ubiquitous internet changed our world.  What must THAT have been like, oh elder netizen?  We had modems and Usenet and Gopher and BBS’s and..  well we listened to music, just like you do today, although it didn’t have as much video.  MTV had this and that, but it didn’t have this:

or this

but it might have had a wee bit of something like this

but nowhere as awesome.

Enjoy the videos.