Monthly Archives: October 2007

Freeway overpass + earthquake = alarming experience!

Tonight just after 8pm there was a 5.6 earthquake, and it occured while I was driving home.  On a very high, very long, curvy freeway cloverleaf type junction ramp, going from I-280 to Hwy 101 in South SanJose, going south.  Right here.

Here’s a picture:I280-to-101 junction

This is a test of the TextMate blogging plugin

I’m bloggin from TextMate. Woo-f***in-hoo!

Why does wordpress’s editor suck so much?

If I try to edit in the Code editor, I save and it pops me back to Visual mode.  If I go back to Code, it’s mangled all my <br/>s and <code> tags and whay have you.  Basically makes an ugly run-on paragraph.  Ugghh.  I spent soooo much time re-editing that last post.  There must be a better way, right? 

Snakes and Cats. Tab-completion in Python and iPython on Leopard

[UPDATE]: The latest builds of iPython have a fix for tab-completion built-in, so the patch mentioned below isn’t necessary.

Python users who are running Mac OS X 10.5, aka Leopard, will be pleased to find that Leopard ships with Python version 2.5.1, and comes with a host of wonderful things.  Especially in the PyObjC realm, something I’ll cover in another post.   Tiger had a rather lame build of Python 2.3 installed by default which had no readline support.